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Please have a read through some of the great reviews left by some of our very happy customers.

I would like to thank Jim Marsh belatedly for saving my skin

I would like to thank Jim Marsh belatedly for saving my skin. It was a few years back that my in-laws were away and my wife and I were staying that their house. Needing to move my mother-in-law's Peugeot in the driveway I did so forgetting that I had not closed the near-side passenger door as I reversed out. The door swinging open, caught the off-side of my father-in-law's Peugeot causing damage to both cars and giving me sleepness nights until Jim fixed it for me with his usual calm efficiency. My in-laws were told - because it was such a good story but I believe they would never have known - so good was the repair job. I am sure Jim billed me but whatever it was - I know he saved me from a huge problem Many thanks Jim
- Richard Hornsby

Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job

I am writing to thank you for the work you completed on my car, recently my car had been keyed in a car park, the damage was very bad and it had gone down to the metal and actually looked liked somebody had tried to sign their name on the car door!! You came to my place of work and immediatley set to work on repairing my car and when you called me out to look at the work, I initially looked at the wrong door, as the work you had done, had covered up the signature! Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job on returning my car to look so good, I have received many compliments about my car and have been asked for your card several times for future reference.
- Jane Hall

You exceeded our expectations

I am writing to you today to express my thanks for all your hard work recently in making my wife's car look "Pretty" again. Over the years the car had picked up scratched alloys and dents to the bodywork with Mrs Ilsley assuring me that none of these mishaps were her fault. I always agreed of course.... We both had the impression that these knocks would cost a lot to put right so did nothing. I then approached you to have a look at the car and I must admit I didn't expect there could be much done. I was very wrong. You managed to give the car a transformation. The allow wheels were sparkling again and the many scratches on the bodywork had disappeared. You exceeded our expectations and for that we will and have already recommended your services to friends and family Thank you once again
- Tony Ilsley

Thanks for the excellent job you did

Thanks for the excellent job you did on the rear of my wife's Seat Ibiza, you wouldn't know there had been any damage there at all, also you did a superb job on the scratches she had picked up on her drive to work (I keep telling her not to drive into the hedges!!)
- Paul Winter

It looks like a new wheel without the price tag

I booked my curbed alloy wheel to be fixed with Jim and was amazed with how good it looked afterwards - it looks like a new wheel without the price tag. I would recommend anyone that needed some automotive 'fix it' work to use Jim
- Claire Aslett

Job done, to be blunt I am amazed!

Jim, thanks for sending your man around so promptly. Job done, to be blunt I am amazed! I expected good, not invisible; there is no way you can see where the wheel was damaged - literally as new. I will confidently recommend your services in future and will be scouring my collection for any little nicks and marks that I might want to get rid of.
- Roger Hick

I am very pleased with the work he has done

Jim has done several jobs for me on my car, which I have always been happy with and you can't see where he has done the repairs. But this week he repaired a cigarette burn on my seat. If I did not know where it was I would not have known it was there. I am very pleased with the work he has done and would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone.
- Jayne Tarrant

Thank you!

Thank you! The bumper looks as good as new! I am amazed that you could correct that size of dent in the bumper of my car. I didn't enjoy driving around in my car with a dent that size but after a days work the bumper looked good as new and now the car is looking as good as it ever did. All my friends and neighbours are also amazed and I am handing out your business card telling them you're the guy to call! The additional work you also did on the number of other scratched and dents was also an added bonus. I have attached images of the dents before and after - so that you can show others. I will be recommending you to anyone I know. Thank you again
- Sarah Large