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CARS limits the repair to the damaged area only, using specially formulated paints the finish can be restored giving a near perfect job. The restored repair area is virtually undetectable from the original finish and is completed in hours rather than days thus providing significant cost and savings to you the customer. As all work is carried out at your home or place of work you can save over 50% when compared to traditional bodyshop methods.

Damaged or broken plastics, on bumpers, spoilers and motorcycle fairings, can be extremely expensive to replace. In the majority of cases, we can weld or join the damage together removing the need for replacement.

CARS can also repair damage to your vehicle’s interior without the need to re-cover expensive fabrics, vinyl’s and leathers. Unsightly cigarette burns, dashboard accessory holes and seat tears are a thing of the past and can again be rectified at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

You can find much more detail about each type of repair on the individual services pages – Bumpers, Alloy Wheels, Upholstery, Dashboards, Minor Paint Damage, Replacement Mirrors and Lamp Clusters.

If you don’t see any information about your particular repair here then contact us and we can discuss your needs and let you know if we can help.


This section applies to Mirror Casings, Textured Bumpers, Painted Bumpers and Motorcycle fairings.


Plastic welding can remedy the crack and re-finishing techniques makes the part look as good as new. Texture and colour can be applied to the plastic component to replicate the original factory fitted item.


Texture and colour is applied to the plastic component then lacquered to replicate the original factory fitted item.


Gouges and scrapes in the base plastic are repaired with a compatible filler which is then textured and finished with a matching colour to replicate the original factory fitted item.

Kerbed and scuffed alloys?

If left un-repaired this can result in the spread of oxidation leading to more expensive repairs or replacements at a later date. Gone are the traditional methods we can now repair the alloys without removing the tyre from the wheel or even the wheel from the vehicle! We can repair paint damage on site restoring the wheel to its original factory finish.
Leaving you with new and clean alloys at the end of the day!


Interior vinyl, velour, carpet and leather upholstery/trim/carpet/seats, which has become worn, torn or otherwise blemished, can easily be rectified.
Special repair procedures and materials are utilised to repair minor splits, tears and holes in vinyl’s and leather. Water based paints can be applied to restore original colour leaving the repair as good as new.

Cigarette burns your worst nightmare!

Nowadays, many seats cannot be re-covered as the fabric is bonded to the padding. We can replace the burned fibres with new ones and carefully re-instate the pattern to match the original fabric seat as closely as possible.
You’ll be amazed at how good the finished product looks!


Dashboards which have become torn, scuffed, ruptured or otherwise damaged due to phone bracket fixtures, radio theft or airbag release can be quickly repaired at a fraction of the cost.
Holes are plugged, textures replicated and vinyl colours matched using special water based paints.

Stone Chips

Paint is mixed to match the car and applied into the chip itself. Although not as perfect as a full panel re-spray, it is a cheaper alternative, which does reduce the contrast between primer and colour coat and also providing a degree of protection against the onset of corrosion.


Only the scratched area itself is repaired and not the entire panel. We are able to select the actual colour shade of the car. The scratch is sanded and/or filler/primer applied to re-instate the damaged surface to its true level, The area is then re-coloured, lacquered and blended into the adjacent panel area to provide a near perfect match to the factory finish each time.

Replacement Mirrors

It’s amazing how easily you can knock or bang your wing mirror, CARS can quickly and simply replace them for you at your convenience.

Lamp Clusters

Bulb out? Need a replacement lamp cluster from a knock or accident?
CARS can come and replace it with a brand new item, at your place of work or home. Just contact us for a quotation.